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Lindsay D.

"When your daughter comes to you and says, "Mom, I want to start pitching," you get butterflies in your stomach. Especially since she was a catcher/3rd baseman. So I called Beth and Jimmy and told them Neveah's interst and explained she wants to add pitching into her hitting/catching lessons. They were excited and immediately began pitching lessons. The first lesson, Beth broke down the 7 steps and gave Neveah homework. It was such an easy transition. My stomach settled and Neveah was growing confidence. Now, is pitching easy? No! It if was everyone would do it. It takes commitment, dedication and a lot of blood, sweat and tears. But Beth and Jimmy will be right by your side through the journey. They are committed 100% and hold you accountable for progress."

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Clint and Emily B.

"Beth and Jimmy have made our daughter's jump into competitive softball an easy one. Their method of teaching the mechanics of pitching and hitting in bite size chunks that are easy to understand and retain have improved not only Brenna's results but increased her confidence and overall love for the game. The Rawlston's care about their athletes like their own kids, emphasizing the importance of academics and competing the right way. MyKZone is a great investment in your daughters future!"




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Kristi T.

"My daughter Maddie, has been taking pitching lessons from Beth for about 3 years. When we first came to Beth my daughter was a 13 year old/4th year pitcher who was struggling in the circle. She lacked confidence and had developed some bad habits (with mechanics) that had gone unchecked. When we first started lessons with Beth, she started Maddie from the beginning and taught her correct form and pitching mechanics. She started with fastball and worked through some of the other pitches that Maddie already knew. There was an immediate difference in Maddie's velocity and ability to hit her spots. Beth has not only helped Maddie with her mechanics but also made a huge improvement in her self-confidence and mental toughness. Maddie's dream has always been to play softball in college and compete at a high level. Beth has encouraged Maddie and believed in her when Maddie didn't believe in herself. 

Over the course of the last few years, Maddie went from being a young, insecure pitcher to a confident, elite level pitcher who is now verbally committed to one of the top D2 college programs in the country. Having been a pitcher herself, Beth can relate to the struggles that all pitchers face - mentally and physically. She pushes them and helps them reach their fullest potential She is constantly looking for ways to help her students rise to the next level. Pitchers that choose Beth as their pitching coach need to be prepared to work. Beth isn't the type of pitching coach that just sits on a bucket and goes through the motions. Every lesson she will challenge them to be better. Beth is undoubtedly the best pitching coach in this area and is highly regarded by many college coaches. My only regret is that we didn't start lessons with her sooner."

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